Mulle's workshop

In Mulle's workshop, you can play with real gadgets and contraptions, that's what Mulle Meck calls things that you can carpent, build, play and fix with. He says: "there is no scrap, only old stuff that can be used in new ways". Play with Mulle's nice yellow car or take a trip to the moon with the rocket and explore the lunar cave. The aircraft is ready for you to take air under your wings.

Visit Sam Scribbler's Newspaper Workshop and paint a pretty picture. You can also visit Buffa – the dog, she likes to be petted!

Build and create your own special constructions in our Carpentry Workshop, there is so much different materials to choose from. You can also buy kits from us that you can complete yourself. Or why not explore Mulle Meck's own boat? Take a trip out to sea and look at the fish!

Discover how much fun it is to create things together with a little time and lots of imagination. Mulle can build and fix with most things. Yes, cars, boats, trains, planes, rockets and houses. Come and join us!


We want everyone to create and have fun here at Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik! For everyone's comfort and safety, we have set up some Rules of Conduct. All children who come to us must be accompanied by a person over the age of 13 and who is responsible for the child's safety. Always have an overview of your children, especially in the Carpentry.


Inside the premises there are shelves where you can place your shoes. However, if you as an adult want to keep the shoes on, there are shoe covers for you to use. For hygienic reasons, it is good if all visitors wear socks inside the premises. It is available to buy at the reception.

For you with strollers, please park it in the dedicated Stroller Parking area around the corner from the entrance. Locks can be borrowed at the reception. You can store things from the stroller on shelves in the stairwell.

We have two WC's which you can use: one of which has a changing table. We have an elevator.

Food and Snacks

Consumption of your own food or drink is not allowed inside the premises – of course with the exception of baby food for the little ones, as well as special food for you with allergies. You have access to a microwave oven.

Eating takes places primarily within the Café area.

The Play Area

There are sharp corners and oil spills at Mulle Meck so play is conducted at your own risk.

To promote as safe and fun a play environment, it is important to keep in mind:

  • Do not run inside the premises
  • Children must climb up to the slide through the rocket or via the climbing handles on the moon so they do not to get in the way of those who uses the ride.
  • Carpentry tools are only used in Carpentry and with caution with regard to safety. There are tools that only you as an adult can borrow: these should only be used by you as an adult.
  • The Tobacco Act prohibits smoking in all premises and associated outdoor areas intended for children and youth activities. Mulle Meck's policy is to equate e-cigarettes with regular cigarettes.

Our staff always has the right to interrupt / prevent play or behavior that for safety reasons can be judged as dangerous or directly inappropriate. The staff also has the right to evict children and / or adults who do not follow the given rules or who otherwise behave inappropriately.


Do you have questions about the physical accessibility of our premises?

See updated information on: Tillgänglighetsdatabasen

The Shop
Never forget your visit to Mulle Meck! We sell all Mulle Meck's books, in addition there are T-shirts, Crafts, Puzzles and much more.
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Mulle Meck i Glada Hudik anordnar en rad Mojäng- & molijoxkurser. Perfekt för er som vill lära era bygga, meka och skapa!
Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik organizes a number of Gadgets & Contraption Courses. Perfect for you who want to learn how to build and create!
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Birthday Parties
Celebrate your Birthday Party, or have your Birthday Party with a friend at Mulle Meck's and Buffa's house.
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