What should I as a visitor think about during the Corona pandemic?

To reduce the risk of infection, it is important that you as a visitor follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations; stay home if you are ill, wash your hands often and keep a safe footing as well by following our instructions. It is also important that you think about the distance inside Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik.

What adjustments have been made at Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik due to the Coronavirus?

To protect you and others, we have made some adjustments:

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and tops can be pressed on the card reader
  • Distance markings at the entrance. As the number of people inside Mulle Meck is limited, this means that you may have to wait to enter. Even while waiting, you should keep your distance
  • The number of visitors is limited to 10 people. This means that we may have to close the entrance if we get many visitors at the same time. No time booking.
  • We have increased the distances between the tables in the café to make it easier to keep the distance
  • We may need to ask you to leave the destination if you show symptoms
  • Increased cleaning of toilets and public areas. Focus on places where visitors put their hands
  • Continued high hygiene routines when handling food
  • We have set up instructions on how to wash your hands in all toilets.

Is it safe to visit Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik without getting infected?

We have prepared everything we can, but it is also important that you who visit us follow the Public Health Agency's guidelines, be healthy, wash your hands and keep your distance to other visitors.

What happens if it gets crowded in Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik?

The number of people staying in the room at the same time is limited to make it easier and safer to keep your distance. This means that staff can ask you to move if there are too many visitors in a small area.

Can the maximum number of visitors be reached?

Yes, there is a limited number of visitors to Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik. This means that on days when many people visit us, we may have to temporarily close the premises.

Other questions

Can I book between 13-15?

At the moment it is only possible to book a visit between 10-12 am. After 12 noon, drop-in times apply.

How long can I stay at Mulle Meck?

Admission is valid for 2 hours.

Can I go in as a companion without payment?

Yes, if you show your companion card.

Is it certain that there will be room when I arrive?

As we take in a maximum of 25 people for security reasons, it can be full when you arrive and you may have to wait. To be sure to enter immediately, book your visit.

How do I pay?

You can pay with cash and with a card. At this time we can not accept Swish.

Can I take the stroller to Mulle Meck?

Due to safety reasons, it is not possible to bring the stroller into Mulle Meck. But there is a stroller parking with a roof outside. There you can lock your stroller and there are padlocks to borrow.

Can I leave my child alone at Mulle Meck?

Up to 12 years must accompany an adult who takes responsibility.

Can I eat own my lunch at Mulle Meck?

Since we sell snacks and lighter dishes, we want you to eat a packed lunch outside the premises.

What type of snacks do you offer?

There is pizza, toast, sausages, ice cream available to buy. We serve coffee and tea for free to all visitors.

Do you have anything else on your mind?

Send us an email at: mullemeck@hudiksvall.se

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