Never forget your visit to Mulle Meck!

We sell all Mulle Meck's books, in addition there are t-shirts, crafts & puzzles and much more.
You can see our entire range below - we sell everything in the store on Käppuddsgatan 3 in Hudiksvall, Sweden.

We sell all Mulle Meck books available!
Mulle Meck's own nice stationery! Fun to give, fun to receive!
20 SEK
Mulle Mecks egna fina brevpapper!Kuligt att ge, kuligt att få!
Size: 100, 120, 140, 160
160 SEK
Jigsaw Puzzles
23 cm x 31 cm. 15 pieces.
110 SEK
Coloring book
Paint machines with Mulle Meck.
40 SEK
DVD movie
Mulle Meck Builds
130 SEK
Post Cards
Available in three different motives; Airplane, Boat and Car.
10 SEK
Cut Out Motives / Postcards
Available in three different motifs; Airplane, Boat and Car.
25 SEK/piece
Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik-sticker, 85 mm.
Mulle Meck Cap
Comfortable cap with Mulle Meck embroidery in 4 colors. Size can be adjusted with the help of Velcro at the back. Available in the colors blue and red.
50 SEK
Card Game
A card game where you collect Mulle's friends.
50 SEK
Get some brain exercise With Mulle's Memory. 32 tiles 2-4 players
120 SEK
3D-Puzzle Airplane
A nice puzzle with Mulle, Buffa and their aircraft that you can build. 32 tiles 2-4 players
140 SEK
Carpenter's belt
Carpenter's belt with real tools (hammer, screwdriver, pencil, screws and nails, sandpaper and ruler).
190 SEK
Cool Mulle Meck keychain with print in silver. Available in Red.
25 SEK
Keychain lamp
Keychain with lamp and a Mulle Meck print
30 SEK
4-pack Jigsaw Puzzle
12 pieces / motifs, 4 motifs in each box. 3 different themes to choose from: Aircraft, Agriculture and Excavators.
130 SEK
Magnets and keychains
Made of wood with fantastic fine wood print, 6 different motifs. Made by Dellenhantverk.
35-45 SEK
I Mulles verkstad mekar vi med riktiga mojänger och molijoxer, det är vad Mulle Meck kallar sånt som man kan snickra, bygga, meka och fixa med.
The Workshop
In Mulle's workshop, you can play with real Gadgets and Contraptions, that's what Mulle Meck calls things that you can carpent, build and create with.
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Mulle Meck i Glada Hudik anordnar en rad Mojäng- & molijoxkurser. Perfekt för er som vill lära era bygga, meka och skapa!
Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik organizes a number of Gadgets & Contraption Courses. Perfect for you who want to learn how to build and create!
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Birthday Parties
Celebrate your Birthday Party, or have your Birthday Party with a friend at Mulle Meck's and Buffa's house.
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