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At Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik you can play with real gadgets and contraptions. Come and play with Mulle's yellow car or take a trip to the moon with the rocket and explore the lunar cave. The aircraft is ready for you to take air under your wings. Visit Sam Scribbler's Newspaper Workshop and paint a nice picture. You can also visit Buffa, build something in our Carpentry Workshop or take a trip out to sea.

A warm welcome to us at Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik. We are located next to Hälsinglands Museum at Käppuddsgatan 3, Hudiksvall.

Roll out and roll on!

Entrance Fees 2021
Children below 2 years: Free Entrance

Our prices
2-12 years: SEK 80
Adults (13 years +): SEK 50

We offer tea and organic coffee to all visitors!
Opening Hours
From the 15th of july is the number of visitors 25.
Our Opening Hours
Our Location
Mulle Meck i Glada Hudik
Käppuddsgatan 3,
824 30 Hudiksvall, Sweden

Next to Hälsinglands Museum.
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Before You Visit
We want everyone to have a great time! For everyone's comfort and safety, we have set up some simple rules of conduct to consider.
Read our Rules of Conduct

I Mulles verkstad mekar vi med riktiga mojänger och molijoxer, det är vad Mulle Meck kallar sånt som man kan snickra, bygga, meka och fixa med.
The Workshop
In Mulle's workshop, you can play with real Gadgets and Contraptions, that's what Mulle Meck calls things that you can carpent, build and create with.
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Mulle Meck i Glada Hudik anordnar en rad Mojäng- & molijoxkurser. Perfekt för er som vill lära era bygga, meka och skapa!
Mulle Meck in Glada Hudik organizes a number of Gadgets & Contraption courses. Perfect for you who want to learn how to build and create!
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Birthday Parties
Celebrate your Birthday Party, or have your Birthday Party with a friend at Mulle Meck's and Buffa's house.
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